Dr. John S. Knox, PhD in Theology & Religion


PhD in Theology & Religion, University of Birmingham (UK), 2009.

MA in Sociology, Arizona State University, 2019.

MA in Theological Studies: Christian History & Thought, George Fox University, 2002.

BA in English (Summa Cum Laude), Oregon State University, 2013.

BA in History, Oregon State University, 1991.

Secondary Education Teaching Certification, ABCTE.org, 2016.

World History Endorsement (Secondary Education), ABCTE.org, 2016.

U.S. History Endorsement (Secondary Education), ABCTE.org, 2016.



Associate Professor of Psychology and Online Instructor of Theological and General Studies

School of Behavioral Sciences/College of General Studies & Rawlins School of Divinity

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA (Sept. 2010 – Present).


Residential Undergraduate Courses: Human Societies, Intro to Sociology, Intro to Sociology (Honors), Sociology of Disability, Social Problems

Online Graduate Courses: Apologetics; Introduction to Seminary Studies; and Research, Writing, and Ministry Preparation.


Instructor of Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies Center; Boise, ID (Apr. 2015 – June 2017).

Bible Courses: Christianity and Society, Jesus in the Cinema, The Psalms, The Gospel of John, The Epistle to the Romans.

Content Editor: KARDIA, The Journal For Student Spiritual Life.

Scholar-In-Residence Appointment.


Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies

Knowledge Elements; Portland, OR (Aug. 2009 – Present).

Online Courses: Introduction to Christian Theology, Church History I, Church History II, Western Civilization

DCP Curriculum Development: Church in Global Context, History of Christian Doctrine


Adjunct Professor of History/Religion

Multnomah University, Portland, OR (Jan. 2006 – May 2017).

Theology/Religion Courses: Acts & Pauline Epistles, Holy Spirit & Angels, Church & Future Things, Works of C.S. Lewis, History of Christianity, Bible Study Methods, Pentateuch.

Humanities Courses: Intro to Sociology, Intro to Ethics, Intro to Fine Arts, Intro to Philosophy, Western Civilization.

DCP Curriculum Development: Introduction to Sociology, History of Christianity, Western Civilization, Writings of C.S. Lewis


Visiting Professor of History & Religion

George Fox University, Newberg, OR (Sept. 2013 – Aug. 2014).

Bible Courses: Bible Survey (OT/NT), Life of Christ, Wisdom Literature.

Religion Courses: Christian Foundations, Christianity in Society.

Gen Ed/History Courses: Racquetball.

Mentoring: Faculty support; assisted with development, creation, and review of new online courses.



Institute of Biblical Studies, Rolling Hills Community Church, Tualatin, OR (Sept. 2013 – May 2014).

Bible Courses: Old Testament, Life of Christ, Canon of Scripture, Epistles.


Adjunct Professor of History & Religion

George Fox University, Newberg, OR (Sept. 2003 – Aug. 2013).

Bible Courses: Bible and Cinema, Bible Survey (OT/NT), Interpretation of the Bible, Intro to New Testament, Life of Christ, Psalms, Wisdom Literature, Women in the Bible.

Religion Courses: Christian Foundations, Christian History, Christianity in Society, Pneumatology.

Gen Ed/History Courses: First Year Seminar, History of England to 1688, History of United States, Modern Russia, Racquetball, Western Civilization.

Committee Work: Educational Technology/Blended Learning Task Force, International Chapel Committee.

Mentoring: Faculty support; assisted with development, creation, and review of new online courses.


Adjunct Professor of History/Humanities

Concordia University, Portland, OR (May 2007 – Dec. 2010).

Humanities Courses: Pre-modern to Postmodern World, Modern Europe (Hybrid and Online), Intro to Sociology (Traditional and Online).


Guest Lecturer

Baltic Pastoral Seminary; Riga, Latvia (May 2010).

Bible Courses: Life of Christ.


Technology Mini-Grant

George Fox Seminary, Portland, OR (Aug. 2003).

Lilly Grant-funded research of image/video banks for resources, costs, availability.


Technology Camp Instructor

George Fox Seminary, Portland, OR (Aug. 2002/May 2003).

Instructor of PowerPoint, WebCT, Moodle, video editing, and image manipulation.


Camp Program Leader

Camp Tadmor, Lebanon, OR (1990).

Led group program activities for 200 children daily, music, general operations.


Campus Ambassador College Minister

Corvallis, OR (1989-1990).

Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership development, and local church support.



Sociology is Rude: A Concise Introduction to Sociological Theories, Kendall-Hunt (Fall 2019).


Jacobus Arminius Stands His Ground: A Declaration Against High Calvinism, Wipf & Stock (Fall 2018).


A Lexicon of Sociological Terms and Theorists, Kendall-Hunt (Fall 2018).


God in the Details: A Biblical Survey of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, Kendall-Hunt (Fall 2017).


John Wesley’s 52 Standard Sermons: An Annotated Summary, Wipf & Stock (April 2017).


Sacro-Egoism: The Rise of Religious Individualism in the West, Wipf & Stock (May 2016).


The Letter of Alon, CrossLink Publishing (Fall 2013).



“Christian Community in an Age of Radical Individualism,” Faith and the Academy 3:2 (Spring 2019).


“Friedrich Schleiermacher: Theological Precursor of Postmodernity,” Church Life Journal (November 2018). Churchlife.nd.edu.


 “Looking for the New Atheist Virgil,” Church Life Journal (August 2018). Churchlife.nd.edu.


Several encyclopedia articles with Ancient.eu:


“King David, Definition of” (2017).

“King Solomon, Definition of” (2017).

“Christianity, Definition of” (2016).

“Cultural and Theological Background of Mummification in Egypt” (2016).   

“The Didache: A Moral and Liturgical Document of Instruction” (2016).

“The Eastern Perspective on the Trinity” (2016).

“Gregory the Great & His Pastoral Care” (2016).

“Ignatius of Antioch & His Letter to the Ephesians” (2016)

“The Monastic Movement: Origins & Purposes” (2016).

“Ptolemy’s Letter to Flora” (2016).

“Saint Augustine & His Confession of Faith” (2016).  


“Franciscus Gomarus: Arminius’ Adamant Adversary,” The Arminian Magazine 34:1 (Spring 2016).


Assorted entries in The Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States, Rowman & Littlefield (Fall 2016):


“Africa Inland Mission”                                 “J. William Jones”

“Alexander Garden”                                       “John Harvey Kellogg”

“Alpha Jefferson Kynett”                               “John Lathrop”

“Alvin Daniel Mattson”                                  “Jonathan Paul Mitchell”

“Benjamin Franklin Jacobs”                           “Missionaries in/to the United States”

“Bernard J. Sheil”                                           “Paul John Hallinan”

“C.N. Hostetter”                                             “Ralph H. Long”

“Cortland Myers”                                           “Robert J. McCracken”

“Friends General Conference”                       “William Sayle” 

“Friends United Meeting”                              “William George McCloskey” 


Several book reviews with SimplyCharly.com (2016):


“Altar of Eden.”

“The Cambridge Introduction to W.B. Yeats.”

“Ernest Hemingway (Bloom’s Modern Critical Views).”

“Isaac Newton: Adventurer in Thought by A. Rupert Hall.”

“Leonardo Da Vinci: In His Own Words.”

“Leonardo to the Internet: Technology & Culture From the Renaissance to the Present.”

“Kant: A Guide for the Perplexed by T.K. Seung.”

“Rousseau: Arguments of the Philosophers.”


 “First Century Christianity,” in Kardia: The Journal for Student Spiritual Life 1, no. 2 (Oct. 2015): 2.


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“Sacro-Egoism and the Shifting Paradigm of Religiosity,” Implicit Religion 11, no. 2 (2008).


Maps & Charts Illustrations in The Celtic and Roman Traditions (2006).


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“Interview: Professor John Knox” in The Crescent, George Fox University (Spring 2014).


Indie Film Role: “Thesis Examiner” in Zipper, George Fox University (Fall 2013).


Indie Film Role: “Dad Playing Ball With Son” in Timothy Truelove, George Fox University (Spring 2013).


Indie Film Role: “Dr. Rick,” in The Bridge, George Fox University (Fall 2012).


Indie Film Role: “Pedestrian/Zombie,” in Fox of the Dead, George Fox University (Spring 2011).


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Second Place, JournEzine’s 9th Annual Christmas Story Writing Contest (December 2014).


Summa Cum Laude, Oregon State University (2013).


Dean's List, Chemeketa Community College (2012).


Honorable Mention, JournEzine’s 7th Annual Christmas Story Writing Contest (2012).


Nomination for Teacher of the Year, George Fox University, 2009–2010.


Phi Theta Kappa (2010).


“Who’s Who In America” (2010 – 2011).


“Who’s Who Among Teachers In American Universities & Colleges” (2005–2006).


“Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities & Colleges” (2002–2003).



Bill Pubols: Director, The Biblical Studies Center, Boise

Phone: 208–342–2182 • Email: bill.pubols@boisebsc.org


Dr. Tim Tsohantaridis: Associate Professor of Religion, George Fox University

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Bill Towne: Senior Pastor, Rolling Hills Community Church

Phone: 503–538–5900 • Email: info@rollinghills.org


Dr. Phil Smith: Religion Dept. Chair & Professor of Philosophy, George Fox University

Phone: 503–554–2657 • Email: psmith@georgefox.edu


Dr. Holley Clough: Professional Certified Coach, Fernwood Adult Education Practice, LCC

Phone: 503–251–6420 • Email: hclough@gmail.com


Linette Bethurum: Associate Director, Degree Completion Program, Multnomah University

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